Retro-Fit Board

Centar Industries has teamed up with Marsh Industries to offer a custom Retro-Fit Board that will fit easily over existing framed boards. No need to remove existing board. Installation can be done in minutes.

The best surface conversion option. The benefits are overall cost is lower, time savings, avoid the removal of existing boards and ease of installation.

  • 1″ aluminum trim face
  • 1/4” MDF with mylar backer
  • Magnetic porcelain enameled steel surface
  • Factory drilled counter sunk holes in frame. A board can be installed over an existing board in less than 5 minutes
  • Marker Board Accessories available

Just give us your measurements and zip code and we’ll send you a FREE quote.

Receive FREE shipping on all Standard boards over $4,500. EXCLUDES all Retro-Fit Boards.

All of our Marker & Bulletin Boards have bulk order and shipping discounts. Call for details at 1-800-843-7878.


How to install a Retro-Fit Board


How to measure your existing board


  • To determine height, measure from the top of the existing board to the top of the existing tray


  • To determine width, measure from the outside edge of the left side of existing board to the outside edge of the right side





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